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There are actually posters, banners, meshes and so on. Works I did for large sizes.

Opera banners

I did many banners for the Romanian National Opera from Cluj. This is the one I did for the balet show Don Quijote. On the left is the new variant, the other one is the old one. I did layout and the image for both of them.

Don Quijote

I also did the large banners beside the Opera House in Cluj.
Flautul fermecat (Zauberflöte) and Don Quijote (Don Quixote) are the plays. For a detailed preview of the illustrations please click the images.

large banners by the Opera House Flautul Fermecat Don Quijote

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Die Zauberin

I did several posters and other promotional materials for Die Zauberin - Marion Metternich for her Street Magic Tour in USA, Germany and UK. Posters were saved as PDFs ready for print and they were printed in Germany and wherever she needed them.

Die Zauberin, Marion Metternich

Other materials were done for posting on facebook.
Click to see the different variants and sizes.

Die Zauberin, Marion Metternich

Die Zauberin, Marion Metternich

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For Tisara Inc. I did these posters. The one on the right was approved and printed.

Tisara posters

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Romanian National Opera Cluj

Some of the posters I did for the Opera House in Cluj. These are from the current season (2008-2009).

Opera Posters

Most of the old ones were done in 2 colors (Duotone) as the other works shown in dtp page. The 2 colors used are shown on the bottom of the image.

Opera special posters

All the posters I did in the last 2 years are on Cluj National Opera site: this season (2008-2009) (full color posters) and last seasons 2007-2008 and 2006-2007 (2 colors posters).

Opera 2 colors posters

2007-2008 posters are in full color.

New posters for Opera

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Cartoon poster for an event organised by the Aquaforte Publising House.

AquaForte Bus poster

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There were a series of posters and banners for the "Small and Middle Size Companies Fair".

TIMM posters

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