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About me

I'm a Graphic Designer, working and teaching in Cluj Napoca, for some time now.

Professional Experience

Ever since graduating from arts and design university, I've been a freelance designer collaborating with local companies (print houses, publishing houses, design agencies) and working directly for different client companies.

I have worked as a Graphic Designer at Scheiber Design GmbH in Austria as well.

In parallel, I have been teaching at the Design Department of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Romania for many years now. Some of the courses I teach include "Drawing for Design", "The Use of Computers in Design", "Rendering Techniques", "2D and 3D Compositions", "Visual Communication", "Lettering", "Page Layout" and so on.


- Creating Graphic Design works for print, from concept to print ready.
- Visual Identity creation (logos and brands).
- Traditionally and Digitally creating Drawings, Cartoons, Illustrations.
- Creating Web Design works, Graphics, Layout, Code (HTML and CSS).
- Web Optimisation for Graphics and SEO.
- Font creation. Lettering and Calligraphy both Traditionally and/or Digital for a unique look.
- Teaching, Instructing in Design and use of specific industry software.
- Photography, photo retouch and compositing.
- Working on both Mac and Pc.