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Thank you for visiting my site.
Please feel free to browse my Portfolio and get a feeling of what I have done so far (only some works are displayed). Want to see what I do?

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Recently added work

December, 2022

I have worked for Tempting Brands and their Route66 brand. I did many artworks and lettering compositions for the use of this famous brand. Also did the latest Brand Artworks Guideline Manual. The site of this brand is here. The artworks were done to be used on different objects. My work is not yet featured on their website.

Another one of their brands, that I have created artworks and lettering compositions for, is Marie-Antoinette. They are to be used on different products. The site is here. I have created the ROUTE 66 image on the cover of the Total Brand Licensing magazine to be seen on issuu. There is also an article on page 16, using some of the images I did for this brand (hoodie, ball point pens, mug and T-shirt).

February 3, 2020

For some time I have worked for Tempting Brands and their HiPuppy brand. I did many drawings (100+) of the character on several themes, to be used in the Branding Manual and Artwork. Some of these drawings are now on the HiPuppy site and on the products in the shop. They were to be used on different objects so some are already there to see.

June 12, 2016

I have created a new site FLORINF.RO for my fonts, espectially the Archaic Romanian ones. Please browse my fonts on my new fonts site.

florinf.ro Archaic Romanian fonts

I also have a blog (in romanian) called pagina lui florinf (florinf's page). It's about graphic design for web and print, illustration and calligraphy. The link to it is here and the english translation, done by Google Translate is here (other languages are also available).

pagina lui florinf - blog

What I do

I have worked mostly for print.
Logos, Visual Identities for companies, Brands for different products or services, sometimes a "Usage Guideline Manual" was done for them, as well as business cards and letterheads, envelopes and folders.
Posters, banners, meshes and big size images were done.
DTP / Page Layout works include from simple flyers or leaflets, to more complicated things like annual reports, products catalogs, brochures, magazine layout, book covers (even a poetry book of 400 pages was done) and many, many other works.
I enjoy drawing and I have done different types of works and illustrations, drawings, cartoons, and 3D renderings.
Created photo compositions and color correcting images or retouching them for most of the works that I did.
Web design, web layout or just image optimization for sites.
I also enjoy photography as a hobby and I'm very passionate about calligraphy and font creation lately (so there's a type page in my online portfolio).
This is what I do. Design in Cluj.

But there is more. Take a look at my Portfolio.

Who's Florin Florea?

Check the infos on about me page.

Feel free to browse my site. Thank you!